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5 Facts Before Moving To Qatar

Moving to a new city is difficult, moving to new country is weird, moving to new continent is awkward. For all of you planning, or just moved, to Qatar, here are 5 facts you should know before relocating to this desert oasis.

1- Doha is relatively a new city. Most high rise buildings and compounds were just built a few years ago, and your chances of renting out an apartment never used before are very high. New compounds and apartments are generally equipped with a new decor, and most compounds have facilities like pools, gyms, dry cleaners and cafés for you to enjoy.

2- If you like summer Qatar is perfect for you. There are no winters in Qatar, well at least in the western sense of the word. However, the temperature does get cooler from November to April. During the Qatari winter conditions are perfect for outdoor activities.

3- Qatar has generally higher salaries than most countries, and they have no income taxes. This makes Qatar a perfect place if you want to save up an extra buck, or send back to your family.

4- Qatar has some of the most advanced medical facilities in the region and with a Hamad Card you become entitled to subsidized healthcare at the Hamad Medical Corporation. However, most expats get full medical insurance by their employers.

5- When it comes to transportation, Qatar has a very advanced and new public transportation service. However, car fuel is cheaper than bottled water. You can fill-up an average SUV for between $15-$20.


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