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Preparing For Pokemon GO In The Middle East – Beginners Guide

Pokemon GO

For those of you still waiting for Pokemon GO to officially launch in the Middle East, here is an all-you-need-to-know guide.

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game (AR) meaning that players will be searching their own surroundings for Pokemon’s. Water Pokemon’s will be found near water and grass Pokemon’s in parks, the app will use your phone’s camera to find which Pokemon is close to you. This however will make it hard to catch ‘em all since people who don’t travel will be stuck with a select types of Pokemon’s.

The game has been released in USA and some other countries, and is already on more devices than LinkedIn, Tinder and Candy Crush. People all over the world, are walking around their neighborhoods with their faces on their screens, chasing Pokemon’s.

The game is very tempting and brings back childhood memories, especially if you grew up during the 90’s.

Now for starters, you can choose to be either a boy or a girl, and dress your character and name it as well. And then comes the question everyone is wondering, can I have Pikachu as my starter Pokemon? No, and yes.

The game will offer you three Pokemon’s, even though some are reporting only being featured one. Now this Pokemon is your starter, and usually the one you’ll grow fondest of. Now the 3 choices are, as in the original Game Boy games, Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. However, if you stand up and walk away, yes, literally, the game will follow and offer the same Pokemon’s again and again. After four or five tries, the game will understand what you are trying to do and offer you a Pikachu.

Pokemon GO showing virtual map of your actual surrounding

Pokemon GO showing virtual map of your actual surrounding

Now when you’re out in the game the map is planet Earth. You will be wandering around actual real-time geographical location, and a tab in the bottom right corner will let you know what Pokemon’s are close, and their proximity. To catch a new Pokemon, hold the Pokeball and aim it at the green circle in front of the wild Pokemon.

Your new Pokemon will be registered in your Pokedex, and give you XP points, along with a special candy used for upgrades and evolution. You can choose to send your Pokemon’s to the Professor, leave them to defend your or a your teams gyms,or battle rival gyms with them.

The large white structures around your area are the real-time locations for trainer gyms. This is where you fight, take over gyms, or help gyms held by teammates.

The smaller structures are PokeStops. These are usually real-time locations for monuments, statues and even churches. When you are near a PokeStop, all you have to do is click on it, point your camera and swipe your finger. It will give random items, like Pokeballs and potions.

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