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Meat The Fish: Amazingly Good Food

Our Instagram feed has been raging with images of a new place that has just opened in Beirut. The locale, upon first opening was dedicated to catering, and delivery services. Their menus were however interesting, and they seemed to understand, and exhibit a great taste in steak, seafood, and delicate foods in general. This place is called Meat The Fish.


During this week, we decided to give this place a try, and happily enough, we discovered a super trendy location, on one of Beirut’s prettiest streets, in the Saifi Village. The place is decorated with a simple industrial urban design, which resembles Beirut’s millennial youth.


We decided to try some of their items, of which many were not on the menu. So be sure to ask the cashier for alternatives, or daily specials, before you order. The place is self serviced.

We tried a number of things of which were rustic French baguette, with thin slices of steak, on which lay some greens, a bed of parmesan, and black truffle shavings, this was an absolutely amazing dish. Their pulled pork burger is honestly one of the best I have ever had.

For the appetizers, we tried both their salads; however the potato salmon salad was quite refreshing. Their grass fed fillet steak was also marvelous, and definitely a must try.


The place is quite awesome for a casual night out with friends, however it is quite a bit over priced, it is considered a casual eatery only with good food, and not street food, we can clearly see the quality in the food presented, however their prices do need some fine tuning.

Overall we loved the experience, and the food was absolutely amazing! Definitely a place we will return to! To check out Meat The Fish’s amazing menu, check out their website, for both catering, and dine in. Meat The Fish will also soon be opening at Aishti By The Sea on the Jal El Dib Sea Side.

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