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The Pearl in Qatar: A Brief Introduction

When people say the word Qatar, one of the most popular landmarks and locations that comes to mind, is The Pearl. The Pearl is an artificial island built in Qatar, which spans over an area of four million square meters; it is one of Qatar’s main attractions, as it is a city within itself.

The Pearl is an island that consists of thirty one towers, with a Mediterranean flair, four thousand seven hundred units of housing, as well as 450 low rise apartments, and townhouses. The Pearl includes one million square feet of retail, and commercial space.

The Pearl provides a lifestyle more than anything else, one of the things that make an impression in The Pearl is the La Croisette boulevard, which is a boulevard inspired by European architecture, mainly French and Italian. La Croisette is also lined up with locations to shop, and dine in.

Porto Arabia, is located in Ras La Croisette, and is considered one of the busiest boulevards there is out there. It is host to numerous cafes, restaurants, and lounges.

Of the stores that have opened their doors in Qatar’s gorgeous The Pearl, are Agent Provocateur, Canali, Balenciaga, Blumarine, Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, and many more of fashions biggest and most happening names.

When in The Pearl one can indulge in one of their numerous restaurants, which include Shakespere, Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar, Nespresso, and Haagen Dazs.

The Pearl is definitely one of Qatar’s best places to be, we look forward to bringing you more in depth reviews one each and every single place we find worth the hype.

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