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Where To Do Lunch In Amsterdam

So during our visit to Amsterdam we also asked about the best places to have lunch at. Many fingers were pointed at Lookal, Lombardo’s, and Scuk. So we placed them on our list and decided to go ahead and try them for what they actually are! We visited the places in hopes of discovering some great tastes, some of what we ate was brilliant, and some was less than pleasant. The first place we will be talking about is:

LokaalLokaal 3


Lookal is localed on the street Weesperplein, near De Pijp, and the area populated with university students. Since Lookal was very close to the hotel, we passed by for several days asking what was the soup of the day; on the first day we were told it was Lobster Soup, on the second day, I gave them a call to ask about the daily soup, and it was also Lobster Soup, on the third day I decided to pay them a visit, as I had assumed that Lobster soup cannot be refrigerated for three days and still taste fresh! Anyway when we got there we asked about the soup specials, and the answer was also lobster soup! Lookal is probably one of the few places we did not enjoy, I ended up trying the burger which was less than perfect, and also unfortunately the menu was only in Dutch.

Lombardo's Lombardo's 3


If you want to try Amsterdam’s best pulled pork, then you definitely need to visit this place! The place is really casual, the type of place you drop by for a casual lunch on a very busy day of running errands. The pulled pork was out of this world, and the burger was equally amazing. The only downside to this place is that they did not have any French fries, but on the plus side the portions were really amazing. The prices at Lombardo’s are also really affordable. We really recommend this.


Right next to our hotel, is located a restaurant named Scuk, some students at the hotel recommended it so we decided to try it, and gladly we did, and we were really happy! The service was great; we were well greeted, and attended to. They had spiced pumpkin soup which is my favorite, they also had an amazing burger with one minor downside, the portion of the burger I felt was really small, however from all other angles, the place was great!

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