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  • Boeing 777x Jetliner
    What to know

    Boeing Unveils 777X Jetliner

    The Boeing 777X will be the world’s biggest twin-engine passenger jetliner in the skies, and it’s almost here. Earlier this month, the American aerospace giant Boeing gave us the first glimpse…

  • Lego Chiron - a Bugatti Chiron replica made completely our of Lego
    What to know

    A Drivable Lego Bugatti is Now Reality

    Bugatti are known for making super-fast, super-expensive cars. But it’s a completely different game when they team up with Lego. An assembly of more than one million Lego pieces, this Bugatti…

  • the chinese hypersonic jet plane
    What to know

    Chinese Hypersonic Jet Revealed

    A team of Chinese engineers have revealed the design of a hypersonic jet that could travel at the speed of 6,000km/h. A flight from the Chinese capital Beijing to New York…