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  • Lusail Expressway wins prestigious engineering award
    What to know

    Why Lusail Expressway Won An Engineering Award

    The Lusail Expressway recently won the Engineering News Record Award for 2018 Global Best Projecting in the roads/highways category. The 5.5 kilometer Lusail Expressway connects the capital Doha with emerging Lusail…

  • Boeing 777x Jetliner
    What to know

    Boeing Unveils 777X Jetliner

    The Boeing 777X will be the world’s biggest twin-engine passenger jetliner in the skies, and it’s almost here. Earlier this month, the American aerospace giant Boeing gave us the first glimpse…

  • Lego Chiron - a Bugatti Chiron replica made completely our of Lego
    What to know

    A Drivable Lego Bugatti is Now Reality

    Bugatti are known for making super-fast, super-expensive cars. But it’s a completely different game when they team up with Lego. An assembly of more than one million Lego pieces, this Bugatti…

  • the chinese hypersonic jet plane
    What to know

    Chinese Hypersonic Jet Revealed

    A team of Chinese engineers have revealed the design of a hypersonic jet that could travel at the speed of 6,000km/h. A flight from the Chinese capital Beijing to New York…