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  • Nintendo might announce Nintendo Switch video streaming capabilities at E3, as well as partnership with netflix
    What to know

    Netflix on Nintendo Switch? It Might Be

    An American electronics retailer might have accidentally revealed new video streaming capabilities in the Nintendo Switch. A product listing on Best Buy’s online store have listed Nintendo Switch as capable of…

  • A freelancer in a Javelin, Anthem - BioWare
    What to know

    Are You Ready for Anthem by BioWare?

    BioWare’s Anthem is expected to be the greatest video game in 2018, here’s what gamers all over the world are waiting for. While Destiny just dropped their newest chapter of the…

  • Xbox one X console
    What to know

    Introducing The Xbox One X

    Microsoft has just revealed the world’s most powerful console, the revolutionary Xbox One X. Just two days before E3 2017 – the biggest video game conference in North America – Microsoft…