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  • Making Your Own Soy Milk
    What to make

    Making Your Own Soy Milk

    While soy milk has become a popular replacement for dairy milk, few people know what it really is and how to make it. In fact, it is very simple to make…

  • The Ultimate Banana Ice Cream Recipe
    What to make

    The Ultimate Banana Ice Cream Recipe

    Beat the summer heat with this refreshing and cool banana ice cream recipe with endless possibilities. Temperatures are rapidly rising in Qatar and that summer heat is almost back to torture…

  • activated charcoal
    What to make

    Discover Activated Charcoal

    Have you explored the full potential of activated charcoal? Its uses and results will astonish you. It’s no secret that we all want to look better, and in the search for…

  • Man treating his facial skin with an activated charcoal mask
    What to make

    DIY Activated Charcoal Mask

    Clean your skin of blackheads and dirt with this quick and easy activated charcoal mask. Using an activated charcoal mask is probably one of the easiest and most efficient ways to…

  • Dynamite shrimp
    What to make

    The Ultimate Dynamite Shrimp Recipe

    Try out this simple dynamite shrimp recipe that will make any meal a notch fancier. There are few appetizers that can do what dynamite shrimp does.There’s nothing that can light up…

  • Make your own fried chicken with the KFC secret recipe
    What to make

    KFC Secret Recipe Finally Revealed

    Great news for fried chicken lovers, you can fry chicken Colonel Sanders-style all day now that the KFC secret recipe has been revealed. It’s true, the secret might have been leaked.…