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Amazing Ways Honey Can Be Used For Skincare & Hair

honey is excellent for skin, hair and skincare

Believe it or not, the best skincare product in the world is something you most likely have at home – honey!

Honey has so many uses it is a kitchen must-have, but few people know its magical skincare properties. It is about time the world knew that a spoonful of honey can treat most skin problems in no time.

Skin Whitening and Dark Spot Removal

There’s a very easy way to remove dark spots and whiten up your overall complexion. Mix half a tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of natural yogurt. Use the mixture as a facial mask for twenty minutes, one or two times a week.

Radiant Skin Wash

You can create an inexpensive facial wash using honey and milk. Mix equal ammounts of the two ingredients and apply it to your face using cotton pads. You can wash it off after 10 minutes and feel the difference.

For Soft and Moisturized Lips

Chapped lips is a problem many people suffer from and chapstick only seem to make them worse. Mix a teaspoon of honey with sugar, and olive oil, and massage the paste onto your lips. Once you wash if off, you’ll have softer and healthier lips.

For Extra Hair Volume and Shine

It might sound weird to do, but you won’t regret it. Mix, in equal amounts, honey and egg yolk, yes! Honey and egg yolk. And apply it to clean, moist hair and keep it one for at least half an hour. Just don’t forget to wash it off after.

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