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It’s Time We Discover Final Space

Mooncake, Gary Goodspeed, Quinn and Avocado from Last Space series

Follow a goofy space astronaut and his alien friends, Mooncake and Avocado as the search for Final Space.

Created by indie digital filmmaker Olan Rogers, Final Space is an animated science fiction series that is so brilliantly written it brings laughs, tears and suspense to viewers.

The series follows the story of a human astronaut Gary Goodspeed, who is a prisoner on board a spaceship with a few days left on his sentence. During a routine spacewalk, Gary bumps into a mysterious, cute creature he names Mooncake, who turns out to also be a fugitive, on the run from the Lord Commander.

Together with Avocado and his “lover” Quinn, Gary and Mooncake have to find Avocado’s son, Little Cato, save Quinn from the Imperial fleet, hide Mooncake from the Lord Commander, and solve the mystery of the Final Space.

The series was created for TBS, but is distributed internationally as a Netflix Original.

The first season is made up of 10 episodes, with a second season of 13 episodes coming sometime in 2019.

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