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Exploring Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

Jim Carrey speaks for the first time about his time as Andy Kaufman while filming Man on the Moon in Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond is a great look into the complexity of two iconic comedians – Jim Carrey and Andy Kaufman.

What happens when one comic genius tries to live as another comic genius? In 1999, Jim Carrey starred in Man on the Moon, a movie about the life and career of late comedian Andy Kaufman, Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond is a movie about making that movie.

Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman on David Letterman

Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman on David Letterman.

When the movie was being filmed, the real performance happened behind the cameras. Throughout production Jim Carrey disappeared, and only Andy Kaufman remained – sometimes also Tony Clifton.

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond explores the traumatizing experience everyone working on set of Man on the Moon went through.

During production, Carrey was committed to bring us the real Andy Kaufman, and studied his character, characters, performances and behaviour for months, along with spending time with his family and friends.

The role complete destroyed Jim Carrey who emerged at the end of production as a man with a lost identity.

Alternating between Jim Carrey’s own account and first-hand footage from the making of Man on the Moon from the 1099, the movies really captures the extent for Carrey’s extremist methods.

Andy Kaufman

Andrew Geoffrey Kaufman (January 17, 1949 – May 16, 1984)

Andy Kaufman was one of the most bizarre comedians in history, who was known to leave crowds confused and wondering whether they just saw a show, a prank or madman having an episode.

Kaufman became famous for appearances on Saturday Night Live and his role in the popular show Taxi, but he fell as fast as he rose.

In 1983 Kaufman was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, and passed away less than a year later on May 16, 1984, at the age of 35.

The man left us, but the mystery and bizarreness surrounding him left a legacy in this world through his work, friends and people he influenced.

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