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  • Netflix will make Roald Dahl stories like Willy Wonka and Matilda into movies
    What to watch

    Netflix Set to Make Roald Dahl Movies

    Some of Roald Dahl’s best known works will soon be available as movies on Netflix. We love news from Netflix, because they are always amazing (unless they’re cancelling your favorite show).…

  • Jon Favreau direct The Lion King remake starring Donald Glover and Beyonce - Disney
    What to watch

    A First Look At The Lion King

    Disney just gave us a glimpse of the remake of 1994’s The Lion King, starring Donald Glover and Beyonce. What’s more exciting than hearing that Disney will be remaking the 1994…

  • Bojack Horseman season 5 trailer - netflix
    What to watch

    Inside Bojack Horseman Season 5 Trailer

    Here’s a look into Bojack Horseman season 5, as Netflix rolls out the trailer before September 14 premier. Bojack Horseman is a Netflix series about a former child star fighting depression,…

  • will trevor belmont be able to save Wallachia from the evils of Dracula in Castlevania season 2 - netflix
    What to watch

    Castlevania Season 2 Trailer

    Trevor Belmont is back to defend Wallachia from the evils of Dracula and his minions in Castlevania season 2. Based on the 1989 Japanese Konami video game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse,…

  • Cupcake & Dino General Services netflix
    What to watch

    Cupcake & Dino: General Services

    One Cupcake and one Dino are out in the world doing any job they are offered. Cupcake & Dino: General Services is one of the new Netflix Original animated comedy shows…

  • Mooncake, Gary Goodspeed, Quinn and Avocado from Last Space series
    What to watch

    It’s Time We Discover Final Space

    Follow a goofy space astronaut and his alien friends, Mooncake and Avocado as the search for Final Space. Created by indie digital filmmaker Olan Rogers, Final Space is an animated science…

  • Duck Duck Goose animated movie starring Jim Gaffigan and Zendaya on Netflix
    What to watch

    Duck Duck Goose The Movie

    The producers of Shrek and Home are bringing another fun-packed animated adventure with Duck Duck Goose. Duck Duck Goose is an American-Chinese animated comedy movie that the whole family can enjoy…