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Google Relaunches YouTube Music

Google are relaunching YouTube Music to rival spotify and apple music

Google have announced that an all new YouTube Music will rival Spotify and Apple Music, and it just might.

YouTube Music launched first in 2015, but it never really picked up. Although millions of people visit the site to listen to free music (and watch music videos) on daily basis, the service couldn’t compete with the Sweden-based Spotify.

However, Google has a plan this time around that just might work.

It should be no surprise to you, but Google already has all the information on you anyone needs to predict what kind of music you like in any situation. They have your locations, habits, emails, searches and much more info on you.

They will be feeding the AI-powered Google Assistant with all your personal data so that YouTube Music could offer you listening suggestions no matter which situation you’re in.

In theory, the service will be able to suggest songs and bands you never heard before, in situations you’d never think of searching for new music in, and you’d love it.

I know that many of us believe that Google is creepy with their mass-data collection, but this is in reality the one good thing that can come out of it.

The new version of YouTube Music will launch in five countries – US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea – on May 22, and 14 other countries, including the UK, shortly after.

The launch date will coincide with the rebranding of YouTube Red, their premium video streaming service, to YouTube Premium.

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