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The Latest Instagram Update Means Less Privacy

latest instagram update lets people check your activity through direct messages inbox

You might not have noticed this, but the newest Instagram update lets people track your activity.

Good news for everyone stalking you on social media, because once they download the latest Instagram update they will be able to track your every move.

The new update includes a feature that shows your friends when you last had the application open, and whether or not your on it at that moment.

However, only people you follow and people you have sent direct messages to can use this feature to check your activity.

You can turn it off, but the app has it on by default, giving people access to your Instagram habits without you even known it.

The reason you might not have noticed it is because it is hidden inside your direct messages inbox. Once you’re in your inbox, you’ll notice that it says when your friends were last active right next to their names.

If one of your contacts happens to be using Instagram at that exact moment, it will say “active now” right next to their name.

Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, has yet not clarified why they have introduced such a feature. But they have been trying to make data more public across their other platforms for a while now.

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