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Oldest Mayan Remains Found in Mexico

oldest mayan skeleton has been discovered in mexico

A 7,000 year-old skeleton found in Mexico could be earliest Mayan ever discovered.

Researchers from the National Institute of Anthropological History (INAH) in Mexico have unearthed the remains of three skeletons believed to be the earliest Mayans ever discovered.

One of the three skeletons is believed to date as far back 7,000 years, while the other two dated back around 4,000 years.

This exciting news for Mexico and other central American nations, as these could very well be the earliest-known ancestors of the area’s ancient Mayan civilization.

The remains date back to when humans first started transitioning from hunter-gatherers to more complex communities.

They are currently on display at Mexico City’s Anthropology Museum, along with other major Mayan finds from recent years.

Just last February, archaeologists found scores of artifacts and fossils in the world’s largest underwater cave in the Yucatan peninsula.

They included fossils of an ancient variant of the elephant, giant sloths and a shrine to a Mayan god.

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