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Google Maps Will Help You Remember Where You Parked

Google Maps Will Help You Remember Where You Parked

Google Maps have introduced a new feature that will make sure you never forget where you parked your car ever again.

The newest Google Maps update has a small feature that could go unnoticed, but is in fact very practical to people who drive. Released only for devices running on an Android operating system, the updated app can help you keep track of where you parked your car, and it has every situation covered.

To find and use the new feature, open Google Maps on your device and tap on the blue icon that lets you know your location. After the update, you should be given the option to save your parking, which will mark the location with big blue “P”.

You will also be able to add notes to your “P” icon, and also ad photos. This way, you will have all the clues to the “where did I Park?” mystery that happens every time you get out of the mall.

Problems remembering where one parked is a common issue that people face, especially when they park in heavily crowded parkings where everything looks pretty much the same, like at malls and airports. This option would not only help with large parking spaces with many cars, it is particularly handy if you happened to park in a parking building with many levels.

And when we said that they had thought of everything, we meant it. The parking feature also include a time which you could set as a reminded in case the spot you parked in has a meter or a time limit.

The feature is still just on Android, but it will surely be available for iOS users very soon.

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