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Natural Or Refined Sugar: Know The Difference

Natural sugar vs. refined sugar, learn the difference and know which is better for you

Natural sugar vs. refined sugar, learn the difference and know which is better for you.

You’re afraid of refined sugar, everyone is, but have you ever stopped and wondered why? To start off, sugar comes in many forms, but is generally a simple carbohydrate that your body synthesizes into glucose, the body’s fuel. Now you might know that consuming too much sugar leads to heart disease, cancer and diabetes, but that is not the case, there is good sugar and there’s bad sugar, in a way.

Well, of course sugar starts off as natural, anything else would just be absurd. Natural sugar comes from fruits and dairy products, where in fruits it’s found as fructose and lactose in milk. These forms of sugar are actually pretty healthy in a way, like for people who have cancer and need to stick to a safe diet plan.

Refined sugar on the other hand, comes from sugarcane or sugar beets, which are processed to extract the sugar found inside. This type of sugar is called sucrose, a combination of fructose and glucose. However, in its raw form it contains impurities and other flavors and colors, so it is processed to remove impurities and give you refined white or brown sugar.

White and brown sugar is used to sweeten foods and sweets, and is usually found in any kitchen. They are the most common household sugars in the world.

But when it comes processed foods, like sodas, flavored yogurt, and basically any low-fat food, they contain chemically produced sugar, like high-fructose corn syrup. Foods containing such kinds of sugars are usually high in calories but serve very little nutritional value.

The reason refined sugar is dangerous is how your boy reacts to it. When refined sugar hits your system it is metabolized very quickly and spikes insulin and blood sugar levels. Also, since it’s broken down so easily, it takes more to make you feel full.

Now that you know the difference, it is up to you to make healthier and safer choices. Next time you’re strolling around the supermarket, read the back of boxes and make sure you’re buying the healthier option.

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