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Beware Of Fake Food When Buying Groceries

Be careful from fake food when buying groceries

Be careful what you buy, because not everything is what you think it is. Supermarket shelves are full with fake food, learn how to point them out.

You know how you always heard that your food probably includes several ingredients you would never eat, but never believe it. Well, many of those times, it was true. In the capitalist oriented world we live in, food production companies always look to make an extra buck, even if it means delivering poorer quality. Many things you buy today might very likely be fake food, and include more than, or nothing of, what you thought.

When you go shopping, we believe you would like to buy exactly what you’re paying for, and nothing else. Well that is why you should take a careful look on the ingredients listing on the back of any product. Because even though many product might market their products as natural, it might not be the case at many occasions.

A product you should really be careful buying is coffee. Make sure you ask for whole bean coffee and ground them at home, because many powdered coffee contains much more. In order to make more money, many companies mix their ground coffee beans with wheat, twigs or even barly. Same rule applies to buying tea. Tea brands have been known to include leaves of other plants, and sometimes sawdust to make them it last longer.

Fake food is not limited to grocery stores alone, even restaurants might serve you something other than what’s on the menu. A popular fake food is fish products. Be very careful ordering sushi, especially from sketchy restaurants. Oceana, a nonprofit marine conservation organization, tested at a certain sushi restaurant in New York and found that none of the dishes were the fish the restaurant claimed they were. This is usually a very common trick restaurant use with spicy or expensive fish, where the spices hide the taste.

Other foods known to have been fake are, Parmesan cheese, dairy products, extra virgin olive oil, honey and even juice,

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