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Arab Startups You Should Know

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Its seems like Arab innovation has not limits. Regardless the instability the region is facing, Arab entrepreneurs are are creating some of the best Arab startups.

Here are 5 Arab startups you would want to know:


Gymonji is a California based social network for fitness enthusiasts. A group of engineers and gym-lovers came together to create their own virtual community. The app will help you find others active people in your area, as well as fitness events and private trainers.


This Moroccan award winning startup is the future of app development. It is the perfect tool for app developers, or anyone who wants to create an app for any reason. ScreenDy offers online tools that allows web developers to easily develop for mobile. It is as simple as drag-and-drop.


You will surprised how useful this technology is. Votek is an Arabic speech recognition company based in both Syria and Dubai. The company’s main line of business is selling its technology which can be incorporated in so many fields of business, communication as well as entertainment. It not only recognizes Arabic as a language, it also recognizes different Arabic dialects with a 95% accuracy.

El Wafeyat

This Egyptian project has caught international attention, being probably among the first of its kind. El Wafeyat is a social media networked dedicated to remembering deceased friends and family. The project started in 2013 and have caught major success since.


Lebanese swimmer-engineer Hind Hobeika created this sold out technology swimmers can’t get enough off. Instabeat, They specialize in wearable technology in the form of a monitor, that goes into any kind of goggles and monitors your heart and blood pressure.

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