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Awesome Google Tricks You Can Do

Awesome Google Tricks You Can Do

Learn these cool Google tricks that are as easy as searching for them.

We all know that the Google website has a lot of hidden tricks and pranks in every corner. While the world’s most popular search engine gets millions of visitors performing tens of millions of searches daily, the majority of them don’t know what Google tricks lurk around.

First of all, the Google search engine can outclass Siri any day. While the app can do the exact same thing, basically find things online, Google can do that and a whole lot more.

Before we dive into the Google tricks, you should know that Google goes more than just look up websites, it can answer your questions. For example, Google what time it is in Tokyo, or London’s weather forecast, and even which are the top movies of 2016 and google will give you a direct answer.

But you can also have Google doing small favors for you, like keeping the time and helping you convert currency and measurements.

Go the the search bar and write “set timer for 30 minutes”, or whatever specific time you want to keep, and Google will take care of the rest. 30 minutes later, the alarm goes off to remind you.

You have most likely used Google Translate, but keep an eye on Google converter, which can help you convert anything into anything.

As for the tricks, try the following:

Type “zerg rush” into the search bar to play a hidden game of, well, zerg rush.zerg-rush



Type in the phrase “do a barrel roll” and watch what happens. It’s hypnotizing.google-tilt


Or if you are feeling a little nostalgic, type “Atari Breakout” into Google images and have a blast from the past.


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