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Popular Strange Sports

From rolling chasing dairy products down a hill, to bringing to life fictional games, the world has some pretty strange sports. Having gained popularity over the years, we bring you the list, and you choose which strange sport suits you best.

Cheese Rolling

Cheese Rolling, a strange sport which is gaining popularity

Let’s start with the strangest on the list. Cheese rolling is not more than a of people chasing a wheel of double Gloucester cheese down a hill. Yes, you read it right, a bunch of people show up to chase a wheel cheese down a steep hill.

It might sound like a fun strange sport that they have at fairs and festivals, but people actually take it seriously. The run down the hill quickly turns into a tumble down the hill and often ends with bruises and broken bones.


Chess Boxing

A game of Chess Boxing, a strange sport which is gaining popularity 

This might be the ultimate challenge for both mind and body. It is believed that French comic book artist Enki Bilal came up with the game in 1992, where a full boxing match was followed by a game of chess.

This strange sport has gained huge popularity throughout Europe, with several championships and tournaments. However, modern chess boxing is played in alternating rounds, one chess, one boxing.


Drone Racing

Drone racing, a strange sport which is gaining popularity

It was just a matter of time before this game caught world popularity. It might not be as much a strange sport as it is a complex sport. Drone racing has been around for almost as long as drones have been available. But the race itself is more than dash from point A to point B, it is a series of obstacles and turns where proper maneuvering prevails over speed.



A real life game of Quidditch, a strange sport which is gaining popularity

Inspired by the Quidditch games from the Harry Potter saga, university students are teaming up to compete in real life games. However, Muggle Quidditch is not as rough as when wizards play. You still have to run across a field with a broom between your legs, and chase balls while pushing and tackling opposite team players.

The first intercollegiate Quidditch World Cup was held in 2007 and has kept gaining popularity since.

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