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How to Win Monopoly

strategy on how to win monopoly

There is an easy strategy that could help you easily out-play everyone and win monopoly like a pro.

With holidays coming up, there’s a good chance you might sit down with family for a game of monopoly. But instead of going in hoping for the best, follow this strategy and no only win monopoly, dominate it.

Your main strategy is two rules: buy early, buy cheap.

As you might have noticed, the cheaper properties are at the beginning of the board, with value increasing as you move along.

The upside to cheap real estate is that it also costs less to develop on them. However, the downside is that a player landing on the cheaper lots will have to pay a lot less than when landing on the more expensive ones.

But what you might not have realized playing the game, is that many of the high value properties aren’t really that good of an investment.

Now the prices change depending on which version of monopoly you’re playing. Nowadays most countries have their own versions, with their own street names and values.

One thing remains the same however, the overall value of land, development and rent.

The return on investment you get from the first batch of plots is 56 percent, while the return you get from the last two lots, the dark blue ones, is only 32.3 percent.

Therefore, it would be smarter to to invest in the cheaper lots, both in terms of purchase and development. And while you’re getting less money per visit, you’re in reality getting most return for the money you put into the project.

Also, stations are very dependable on terms of income, so try to stack up on them early on as well.

Have fun bankrupting your family!

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