What to know

Animation Workshop in Doha

We all know how important the post-production film industry is. Films are currently produced in the most meager of ways, and then rendered as beautiful landscapes. Animation is also a huge chunk of post production, films, and features, in general, are using animation to communicate with a younger audience, and audience whose thoughts are stimulated through imaginative characters rather than real world people.

The Doha Film Institute is organizing the first session of the intermediate level Toon Boom Certified Training Course jointly with the Qatar Animation Center in English language from May 14 to 26.

This event aims at training young people to work with 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional objects. The course will be conducted using a pen and tablet, and will include hefty details, and technique, for those with art and drawing savvy hands.

This initiative is highly educational, and we should all learn to focus more on the beauty of all virtual things as it is the industry which will give colors and render our lives more beautiful.

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