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Mobile Flower Shop At Fendi Tokyo

Fendi is one of the world’s most renowned brands known for innovation, creativity, and originality. So it was no surprise to us, when a few days ago, we came across an amazingly neat installation for Fendi’s Pop Up Store in Tokyo.

The Japanese Artist Azuma Makoto has turned a scooter, into a state of the art mobile flower shop with a roof terrace. The vintage Piaggio APE scooter underwent some major changes, which resulted in the awesome installation you can check below.

Visitors of the pop up store will be able to purchase Fendi flowers straight and fresh from this pop up bike. Even a miniature terrace was built atop. The concept is refreshingly beautiful, especially when we are on the brinks of summer.

All images are courtesy of Azuma Makoto

azuma-makoto-fendi-flowerland-piaggio-06 azuma-makoto-fendi-flowerland-piaggio-05 azuma-makoto-fendi-flowerland-piaggio-04 azuma-makoto-fendi-flowerland-piaggio-03 azuma-makoto-fendi-flowerland-piaggio-02 azuma-makoto-fendi-flowerland-piaggio-012 azuma-makoto-fendi-flowerland-piaggio--011 azuma-makoto-fendi-flowerland-piaggio-010 azuma-makoto-fendi-flowerland-piaggio-09 azuma-makoto-fendi-flowerland-piaggio--08

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