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The Best Ladies’ Hammam Experience In Doha

There is nothing like a true Hammam experience to feel revitalized after a long week. So while you are in Doha, don’t miss on the opportunity to experience this Middle Eastern bathing ritual in a luxurious surrounding that will leave your skin refreshed and your mind relaxed.


We already mentioned B/Attitude as one of our favorite spa destinations in Doha which has everything you wish for in a spa including the hammam treatment, which starts with a gentling soaping followed by the hot steam room. Then, visitors get a body scrub with a special mitt, before hitting the Jacuzzi and having a facial scrub. Finally, the special treatment ends with gentle massage that will leave your skin all soft, and smelling great.


Located at Al Jasra Boutique Hotel, this is a great destination if you want to choose from different themes. Labeled as a Moroccon Hammam, this spa not only offers true Arabian therapeutic rituals in face and body treatments but also Thai methods using characteristic ingredients like exotic spices, honey, rosebuds and olives. The treatment options you can choose from have dreamy titles like The Arabian Nights, Sandy Desert, Date Garden, Gulf Pearl and Arabian Coast.

Six Senses Spa

Another favorite spa of ours, we chose this one too for the hammam treatment because of its authentic Arabian feel. Located at Sharq Village, the Six Senses Spa has a traditional Middle Eastern setting and is designed like a typical Qatari village with its charming alleys. The spa features 23 treatments chambers including the hammam room. One particular treatment you can find at Six Senses is the Chocolate Hammam with which you will get a body scrub made of chocolate powder and jojoba, before they apply a special formulation of natural cocoa and sweet almond oil and complete the treatment with a chocolate body cream that will leave you all energized and smelling delicious!


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