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Baby & Kids World: An Exhibition Happening In Doha

Our children are always our top priority, and for this reason, we constantly want to keep them happy, entertained, educated, and healthy. In Doha, this factor is greatly recognized and appreciated, and for this reason, Elan Group has organized a major event titled “Baby & Kids World”.

Baby & Kids World Exhibition will happen on the 21st of March, up until the 23rd of March. The event will take place at the Doha Exhibitions & Conventions Center. Children are at the optimum of their learning curve from the brink of childhood, and until they are three years old. The skills and abilities they develop during that time, are critical, and grow to be the building blocks for their learning, and education. Child development is critical and a concern for every loving and responsible parent.

This event will include maternity fashion, children’s fashion, nutrition, learning, and development, child entertainment and toys, in addition to child bedroom interiors, and elements such as cribs, baby beds, and so much more.

This event is interesting to mothers, fathers, and children alike, it is a great opportunity to care for one’s child by providing them with the best of everything, and most importantly supporting them by giving them the attention and care they deserve.

To learn more of this event visit the Baby and Kids World Exhibition Website.

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