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A Brief Introduction To Doha’s Science & Technology Park

Science, and technology are two things that intermingle for the ideal progression of a society. The two contribute greatly to how individuals sustain themselves, to the manner at which they shape their culture, and to their ethics. In Qatar, the Qatar Foundation managed to work in favor of the science and technology sector, developing the groundbreaking Qatar Science & Technology Park at the Education City in Doha.

The Qatar Science and Technology Park focus on four main sectors, these sectors consist of: energy, environment, health, sciences, and communication technology. Members of the Qatar Science & Technology Park range from small, medium, to huge corporations, as well as research institutes, and university research centers, working together hand in hand to fun, develop, and create innovative products, ideas, researches, that compliment the vision of this Science and Technology initiative.

The Qatar Science and Technology Park is a mere twenty minute drive from the West Bay area and twenty kilometers away from Doha International Airport. The investors first placed six hundred million USDs, in its first building phase.

The Qatar Science and Technology Park gives its members access to world-class offices and laboratories specifically designed for technology-based firms. Companies can lease premises and offices in their multi-occupancy buildings, or commission their own buildings for design and build by Qatar Science and Technology Park.

The rental charges at the Qatar Science and Technology Park are competitive with ordinary commercial properties for leasing in Doha, despite the research-grade specification of its buildings and infrastructure.

This is a brilliant initiative on the hands of the Qatar Foundation, to find out more about Doha’s best universities read our previous article.

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