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An Intro To Qatar Foundation’s Education City

For the past ten years, whenever we associate the words Qatar, and education, one basic thing comes to mind, Qatar Foundation’s unfathomable efforts directed onto the education sector. Sheikha Moza, and everyone at the Qatar Foundation has worked extremely long and hard, in order to create one of the most important hubs for education in the Arab gulf.


Qatar Foundation is the force behind Qatar’s Education City. Now what exactly is Qatar’s Education City?!

For those of us who are unaware, Education City was launched in 1997, and they inaugurated their first educational facility in 2003. However the facility is not like any other, located on the outskirts of Doha, the city spans fourteen square kilometers, and holds universities, schools, research centers, as well as exhibition centers and spaces.


Education City, includes six international universities for higher education, these universities consist of franchises of the world’s most renowned universities. Four of which are American, with one British, and one French university.

These universities include Virginia Commonwealth University, Weil Cornell Medical College, Texas A&M University, and well as Georgetown University School, also adding to the exhaustive list, Northwest University, Paris’s famous HEC, as well as UCL.


Above all, Education City, also includes research centers, schools for intermediate, and secondary education, and some amazing state of the art facilities, stay tuned for more in-depth details of Qatar’s finest educational facilities.


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