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The Making of Fresh Pasta

One of the most basic things which I never run out of at my home is pasta! The easiest, quickest, and practically most delicious meal a person could ever eat. Whether you combine it with tomato, basil, olive oil, meat, chicken, fish, or any other form of food for that matter, pasta is really a pillar for good food!

So today I got to thinking, practically every single time I have cooked pasta, I had to buy readymade pack that required boiling, and that has previously been processed. Basically common knowledge dictates that pasta can actually be made from scratch, it is not easy, but the ingredients are actually found around us everywhere.Fresh Pasta 2

The basic ingredients are very few, they consist of: Flour, salt, and egg.

Whisk and beat the eggs, and then combine the mixture of salt and flour into the bowl containing the eggs.

Now the messy part:

Once the mixture starts fusing together, use your hands and specifically your fists to mold in the pasta dough, you have to keep pressuring and kneading the mixture until all contents have the texture of dough.

Once the dough is intact leave it to rest for an hour inside the fridge, it is best you place the dough in a container or Tupperware.

Once the dough has rested, use some flour to soften up the use of the dough. Sprinkle some flour on both sides of the dough.

Next you will need a pasta slicer, which is a simple small tool found at the convenience store, this slicer acts in a motion that allows the pasta to become extremely flat, however allows for a person to cut the pasta as they please.

Ideally this machine can be used for lasagna, in case you are not keen on the pasta cutting.

Once the pasta is ready, it would then be good to cook!

A few things you should know about this recipe, normal processed pasta usually contains water instead of egg, with this recipe you can obtain an amazing taste, and full flavor, even in terms of color fresh pasta tends to have a warmer yellow color, while dry pasta consists of a white color due to the mixing of wheat with water instead of egg.

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