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The Proper Way To Reheat Leftover Pizza

the best way to reheat leftover pizza without leaving moist and soggy

A pizza will never taste as good as the moment it’s pulled out of the over, but it can still be yummy.

Despite not living up to its “fresh out the oven” reputation, leftover pizza can make a perfect meal, if you know how to heat it properly.

What is it you want from a pizza? It has to be cheesy, have a crispy bottom, and not to be too moist and soggy. But sadly, moist and soggy is all you get if you reheated in the microwave.

When you find yourself with a few pieces of leftover pizza, follow these steps and get a yummy close second.

All you need to have is a nonstick skillet with a fitting cover. Place your pizza slices on the skillet and leave it over medium heat for about two minutes.

After that, drip two drops of water into the skillet, but try not to drip them close to the pizza. Cover the skillet and turn the heat down to low, and leave it for a minute.

You now have yummy leftover pizza that is crispy, yet cheesy. Bon appetit.

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