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Apple Reveals New iPhone Xs and Xs Max: Nothing New To See

Apple unveiled the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max yesterday

Apple held their biggest event of the year last night and revealed the new iPhone – it’s pretty much the same as the old one.

Although Apple claimed that the new iPhone Xs is the “most advanced smartphone ever developed”, there’s nothing in either phones we haven’t seen before.

Well the most striking feature of the new phone is that it is available in gold. The stainless steel finish is also available in the white and black hues that came with the existing iPhone X.


But although the company says that the insides of the new iPhone are completely new, we’ve seen most of the feature (if not all) in already existing phones. Some even years ago.

On the bright side, the company has improved the Face ID unlocking system, which now works more efficiently and smoothly.

The iPhone Xs has a larger companion, the iPhone Xs Max. Although it is pretty much the same size as many other large-version phones, Apple made a big deal about it having the biggest display ever on an iPhone.

iPhone Xs back camera - Apple

iPhone Xs back camera – Apple

As for the camera, the iPhone’s most prized feature, it is still the same one on both phones. However, it relies on the phone’s brand new A12 bionic chip, which powers the rest of the device as well, to help it take better photos.

While the US version of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max comes with eSIM, versions meant for other parts of the world, where the eSIM isn’t operational, will come with dual sim option.

iPhone Xs in three colors - Apple

iPhone Xs in three colors – Apple

Other than that, there isn’t much to say about Apple’s newest flagship device.

The iPhone Xs will be available starting September 14, and will cost $999, the same launching price the its predecessor had. The larger Xs Max will cost $1,099, making it the most expensive Apple iPhone ever.

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