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Have You Heard of Plogging?

plogging combines jogging with picking up litter

By plogging each morning, you can stay fit while keeping your entire route clean and litter-free.

Plogging is a Swedish concept that involves picking up litter while jogging. That simple. As you’re out on your run, pick up any form of litter or garbage you come across and toss into a bin.

Although created earlier, it was first done as part of an organized event in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2016. Two years later, the rest of the world caught on and it has been becoming more popular since.

Today more than ever is the world in need of radical approaches to solving the everrising levels of pollution, all of which is manmade. If we continue down this path, within a few years pollution levels will reach a point of no return and Earth will become a dying planet.

To help contribute and save the environment closest to you, put on a pair of sneakers, grab along a bag, and pick up everything you encounter en route.

Not only will be burning calories, but the extra up and down movement will help tone your muscles and promote flexibility. Not to forget, you’ll be saving the planet while exercising.

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