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HTC is Back With a Brand New Blockchain Phone ‘Exodus’

Exodus the first blockchain phone from HTC

It has been a while since we’ve seen an impressive HTC smartphone in the market, but the Exodus blockchain phone might bring them back.

Just as it seemed as if the Taiwanese HTC (High Tech Computer Corporation) were done, they come back harder than ever. After having suffered from a series of flops, the company is returning with the world’s first commercial blockchain phone and it might just save them.

Yes, the Exodus might be the “world’s first major blockchain phone”, but it is still far from becoming reality, at least from where we’re standing.

Not much has been revealed about the mysterious phone, except for the design blueprints (referring to the featured image at the top of this article).

To make this phone a reality, HTC partnered up with CryptoKitties, one of the world’s first blockchain games. The app will now come pre-installed on some of the company’s phones, starting with the U12+.

The main philosophy behind the Exodus is the same as any blockchain technology; security, decentralization and opportunity. It will definitely expand the possibilities of a smartphone, while at the same time keeping your data safe and secured.

HTC has promised more information on the device in “the coming months,” while they have said that it will become available during Q3 of this year.

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