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This Is How You Ask Netflix To List Your Favorite Shows & Movies

you can suggest new shows and series to add to the netflix listings library

Sick of not finding your favorite shows and movies on Netflix? Well here’s how you can ask them to start listing them.

We have all spent hours looking for specific shows and movies on Netflix, only to end up disappointed and sad. When you really have the feeling for a certain film, it is hard to enjoy anything else.

To everyone’s surprise, Netflix has a feature that allows you to suggest movies and series you’d want them to add to their library.

Although they weren’t keeping it a secret, it only came to public attention after someone asked them to add a show on Twitter.

A Netflix user in the Philippines pointed out that the service does not have Chelsea Peretti’s stand-up special, One of the Greats.

Netflix Philippines was quick to reply with “you know the drill.”

Luckily, comedian and Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Chelsea Peretti did not know the drill and called the streaming service out.

Well, at least now we do.

To suggest that the company adds a certain series, movie, documentary or show to their library, click here. You will get the option to suggest three new listings.

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