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Supermoon Over Qatar This Weekend

supermoon, close full moon, visible over Qatar this weekend

Qatar residents will be able see to a vibrant supermoon over the weekend. It is the biggest the moon will be this year.

The Qatar Calendar House has announced that residents will be able to see a supermoon in the skies on Sunday, from sunset, until Monday morning sunrise.

The moon will be closest to Earth and largest in the night sky starting 6:47 PM on December 3. It will be only 35,8000 kilometers away from Earth’s center point.

A supermoon is a phenomenon that occurs whenever a full moon enters its nearest point to Earth on its orbit around us. It will appear about 14% larger than usual full moons, and about 30% brighter than a normal.

This will be the only supermoon this year, while the next one will happen as soon as on January 2, 2018. Last year we witnessed three supermoons.

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