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Human Body Organs You Can Live Without

there are some organs in the human body that you can live without

Believe it or not, while all organs in the human body have specific functions, there are several organs you can live without.

Well of course you can not live without a heart, liver or set of lungs, but not all organs in the human body are vital for survival.


Sitting just under the lived, the gallbladder is used to store bile, which is produced by the liver. When gallstones block the pathway of bile, doctors are forced to remove the gallbladder. However, the liver would still produce the bile, but will have no place to store it and use iwill t up directly instead.


Before a few months ago, scientists believed the appendix to be vestigial – a piece of leftover that from an ancestor of the modern human. However, today they have reason to believe that it is storage for good bacteria of the bowel. When the appendix becomes infected, doctors will be forced to remove it.


We all know how important the kidneys, but people are able to live with only one. However, some people, for different reasons, are sometimes forced to have both removed. These people survive with help of dialysis – a machine that helps clean the blood of toxins.


The main role of the spleen is to store and recycle blood cells, both red and white. However, many people have theirs removed after trauma causes the spleen to rupture or wander. When the spleen is absent, the liver and other lymphoid tissues carry out its tasks.

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