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  • The liver is very well a crucial organ in the human body
    What to know

    How Well Do You Know Your Liver?

    The liver might be the most underrated organ in the human body, and here’s why? Ever since you’re a kid you learn that you should take care of your liver. But…

  • when your arms and legs fall asleep, they’ll become numb or give a sensation of pins and needles
    What to know

    Why Do Arms & Legs Fall Asleep?

    Whether it feels numb, pins and needles, or simply completely paralyzed, there’s a reason arms and legs fall asleep. Sometimes it happens while you’re asleep, other times when you spend too…

  • the human body has a second brain independent from the central nervous system made of neurotransmitters in the gut
    What to know

    The Human Body Has A Second Brain

    While you believed that everything was happening up in your head, things have also been happening in your gut. A new study has revealed that along with the one located up…

  • Why cold and dry air gives you a runny nose
    What to know

    Runny Nose and Cold Weather

    As much as 90% of people get a runny nose when it is cold outside, but have you ever wondered why? Also known as rhinorrhea, there are many reason behind a…

  • toenails
    What to know

    Get To Know Your Toenails

    You’ve been living with them your whole life, toenails, how much do you really know them? Your toenails are your human version of an animal’s claws, and has more to do…