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Indian Ambassador Announced 2019 as Qatar-India Year of Culture

Qatar-India Year of Culture

Speaking at a celebration of the 69th Republic Day of India, Ambassador Kumaran said that 2019 will be a Qatar-India Year of Culture.

Ambassador of India to Qatar, P Kumaran, said that the upcoming year will be celebrated as the Qatar-India Year of Culture, at a reception commemorating Republic Day of India at Doha Sheraton.

“The year 2019 will be celebrated as the Qatar-India Year of Culture. We expect to organize in partnership with Qatar Museums a plethora of exciting cultural exhibitions and events that will highlight the cultural and traditional ties that bind us,” he said.

The two countries have shared a long history of cooperation, with parties on both sides always seeking further joint ventures.

“Qatar’s exports to India amount to nearly $10bn per year, making India the third largest export destination for Qatari products. On the other hand, Qatar’s imports from India, currently at about $1.2bn, have grown at a healthy rate over the past several years,” the ambassador said.

Speaking at the 68th anniversary of the Indian constitution, ambassador Kumaran stressed on the need for GCC countries to resolve their differences through constructive dialogue and peaceful negotiations.

“Peace and security in the Gulf are of paramount importance for the continued progress and prosperity of the countries in the region,” he said.

Adding, “we are of the view that the countries concerned should resolve their differences through a process of constructive dialogue and peaceful negotiations based on well-established international principles of mutual respect, sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.”

He also voiced his country’s appreciation of the efforts of the Emir of Kuwait to promote a peaceful resolution of the crisis.

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