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Have You Heard of IMS: Irritable Male Syndrome?

there’s a man version of pms called the irritable man syndrome, or ims, caused by a drop in testosterone levels

Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS), the male equivalent of PMS, is a real thing. And this is what you need to know.

So we all know why women might get cranky for a few days every months, and we shouldn’t expect anything less with all the hormones and bodily changes that are happening to them. But what is men had mood changes for “similar” reasons? It’s called the Irritable Male Syndrome, or IMS.

Unlike women, who have menstrual cycles, men have it a lot easier. However, IMS is also related to hormonal changes – a drop in testosterone levels.

While there haven’t been a general consensus on the matter, some specialists believe that when men experience a drop in testosterone levels they become moody. As macho as men are, or pretend to be, they don’t release emotional frustration through junk food, romantic movies and tissues, but through reinforcing their manliness.

When “alpha males” feel insecure (emotional, sad, vulnerable) they rush to reinforce their manhood by always keeping their guard up. This is why, at certain times of the month, men come off as irritated and ready to throw rage tantrums at any time.

Other signs of IMS might include anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and maybe even some tears.

Women, don’t be scared if your man is acting out, it’s probably just IMS. And since they are not women, expect them to be big babies about it.

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