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It’s Easier to Give Eidiya This Adha with e-Gift

You can give Eidiya using e-Gift from Commercial Bank this Eid Al Adha

Tradition is meeting technology this Eid Al Adha. Qataris can now practice giving out Eidiya with the tap of a button via e-Gift.

For generations, Qataris, as well as many Arab cultures, practice giving out Eidiya every Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha – a monetary holiday gift. But carrying around stacks of cash while waiting for children to cross your way is a thing of the past this Eid, thanks to e-Gift.

Commercial Bank’s e-Gift service is now available on the bank’s internet and mobile banking. It is a simpler, faster and more surprising way of transferring a sum of money as a gift. With the tap of a finger, you can access your account directly from your phone and have a monetary gift appear on anyone else’s phone.

If you’re already a Commercial Bank customer, login to the CQB Mobile application on your smartphone, and follow these steps to send an e-Gift:

– Select “Send e-Gift” under Transfers

– Enter the recipient’s details

– Enter the desired amount, a personal greeting message, and tap deliver!

Hopefully, such services will not make us forget traditions and completely end the physical aspect of giving/receiving a gift. But meanwhile, it would be fun to receive a git on your phone.

To learn more about Commercial Bank’s e-gift program, click here.

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