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Egypt Finds More Even Mummies

Newly discovered mummy in Egypt

Following the recent discoveries of that range between statues, tombs and pyramids, Egypt has found more mummies.

While excavating the site in Dahshur, some 30 kilometers south of Cairo, where a hidden pyramid was discovered last month, the Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt announces today the discovery of a previously unknown burial chamber.

Entrance to the burial chamber - Egypt Ministry of Antiquities

Entrance to the burial chamber – Egypt Ministry of Antiquities

The hidden chamber is at least 3,800-years-old, as old as the pyramid, and is believed to belong to Hatshepset, the daughter of a pharaoh.

The pyramid itself remains a mystery, but it is thought to have been built for a king called Ameny-Qemau, who ruled in the early thirteenth dynasty of Egypt.

Egypt Ministry of Antiquities

Source: Egypt Ministry of Antiquities

Inside the chamber, archaeologists found a wooden box that was engraved with three lines of hieroglyphs. Such boxes usually contain canopic jars, which were used to store human organs, such as the liver, intestines, stomach, lungs and heart, during mummification.

Following the news of this discovery, several reports have announced that archaeologists discovered an underground catacomb containing several mummies. However, the exact number of mummies is not clear since they have ranged from 16 to 32, depending on source.

A video showing archaeologists examining the newly found mummies was released following a press conferences in Tuna el-Gebel, also located south of Cairo.

In 2017 alone, before today’s findings, Egypt has discovered a hidden Pyramid, a statue of Queen Tiye outside of Luxor, as well as the head of Pharaoh Ramses II.

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