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Doha Metro To Offer Cheap Rides

Doha Metro by Qatar Rail will provide the people with a cheaper, faster and easier means of public transportation

Doha commuters opting to ride the upcoming Doha Metro will have a cheap transportation alternative, Qatar Rail announced.

During the first year of operation, Doha Metro will provide local commuters with rides as cheap as QR2, helping low-income individuals save significantly on travel expenses, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Rail Eng Abdullah al Subaie said during his briefing on Tuesday.

This is great news for everyone, not just low-income individuals, but also people who don’t own cars or don’t like to drive. Besides, choosing to take public transportation on daily basis is the environmentally responsible thing to do, because travelling collectively cuts down greenhouse emissions and waste drastically.

Just imagine the waste created from one electric train compared to 300 cars, it’s a lot.

While covering the transportation needs of at least one fifth of the total population of Qatar during phase one, Doha Metro is expected to cut down traffic by 50%, exponentially curbing congestion.

Currently, less than one percent of the country’s population rely on the country’s public transportation system. However, things are more likely to change with the official opening of Doha Metro.

Doha Metro will also make things cheaper for families with school children. Currently, families have to pay, on average, QR300 per child a month in school transportation fees. When the metro line becomes active however, they can benefit from its student prices, which will be at QR114 per month, according to Mr. Subaie.

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