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Orchidea – The Arabian Game Of Thrones

Orchidea has been dubbed the Arab version of Game of Thrones - Orchidea Facebook

A highly anticipated Arabic-language Ramadan series named Orchidea has been dubbed the Arab version of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones fans all over the Arab world are going crazy about Orchidea, believing that it is the Arab version of HBO’s popular show.

Orchidea will be broadcasted on Abu Dhabi TV during Ramadan, most likely airing first on May 27.

The Syrian fantasy-drama is directed by Hatem Ali and with an all star cast taking up lead roles, such as Abed Fahed, Salloum Haddad, Samer Al Masry, Basel Khayat, Sulafa Memar.

The show will tell the story of a great war between three kingdoms, inspired by ancient Assyria, Egypt and Sumeria.

Similarly to the American version, it will involve intra-family power struggles and threats of foreign invasions.

As soon as pictures of the actors in their costumes got online, photoshopped comparisons between the characters of the two shows quickly followed.

Cersei Lannister/Queen Khatoon – Facebook/TL.TechnoLive

Khal Drogo/Prince ‘Atba – Facebook/TL.TechnoLive

Eddard Stark/King of Samara – Facebook/TL.TechnoLive

Robert Baratheon/King Janaaby – Facebook/TL.TechnoLive

Some even focused on the fact that the production budget for the whole show was said to be $5 million, while individual episodes of the American production have costed more.

Orchidea Game of Thrones comparison - Drama.News.Syria Facebook

Orchidea VS. Game of Thrones budget comparison – Facebook/Drama.News.Syria

The month of Ramadan is the holiest month in Islam, and binge-watching television programs produced specifically to run throughout the month has become a tradition all over the Arab World.

Whether it really is an Arabic adaptation of Game of Thrones or a just a victim of criticism, the show has everyone on their nerves, anticipating it to air.

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