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Why You Should Be Excited About The LEGO Batman Movie

The LEGO Batman Movie

The LEGO Batman Movie might be the funniest animated comedy this year, and here’s why.

We all remember Batman as the dark, mysterious and quiet guy, but this time things have changed. Warner Animation Group will bring you the Bruce Wane as your favorite superhero this February in The Lego Batman Movie.

The American-Danish collaboration is still an action movie, but it is also a comedy. The hilarious Will Arnett will be playing the voice of Batman/Bruce, who we all heard and love as Bojack Horseman, a prior animated role he took for a the Netflix Original Bojack. But Arnett is not alone, he is joined by Zach Galifianakis who is playing The Joker, Batman’s archenemy, Michael Cera who’s voicing Robin, and Rosario Dawson as Commissioner Barbara Gordon and Batgirl. Still not convinced it will be fun? Well, we are.

As always, in The LEGO Batman Movie, Batman goes on a personal journey to find himself. He is still struggling with the death of his parents (getting kinda old, but that’s what makes him so dark), while trying to save Gotham City from yet another hostile takeover by The Joker.

However, this time Batman can not do it alone. If Gotham is to be saved, he will need to learn to work with others, something he is very bad at.

And not to forget, he adopted a son (this Batman isn’t as bright as the prior ones), which he is also struggling to bond/cope with.

Enough said from us, here’s a trailer, we know you’ll love it no matter if you’re a Batman fan or not, no matter how old you are. Enjoy!

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