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Ooredoo Supernet Tests Speeds Upto 40Gbps

Ooredoo supernet

Ooredoo Supernet went live in Qatar and reached a record speed of 40 Gigabytes per second.

The Doha-based telecommunications giant Ooredoo has announced a “major breakthrough”. The company recently successfully pilot-tested their Supernet program, reaching speeds up to 40 Gigabytes per second over the Ooredoo Fibre Network.

The testings are part of a series of successful advancements within the Ooredoo network of services. Earlier this year, they launched 1 Gbps Ooredoo Fibre service and tested the new 10 Gbps Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology.

The 40Gbps Ooredoo Fibre test is the fastest internet speed ever achieved and recorded by a FTTH network in the country, and one of the fastest in the region. This puts Qatar on the map as one of the world’s leaders in internet speed and quality.

There are still many steps and upgrades in infrastructure that needs to be done before the service will be available for home use, but Ooredoo said that they will make sure that once it will be available, they will make sure that it is ready and available for every home without any complications.

The Ooredoo Supernet successfully recorded aggregated upload and download speeds of up to 40Gbps across their networks. In the future, their networks will be delivering ultra-broadband and internet-based tv services, as well as Internet-based ICT solutions and digital services directly to the users’ homes.

They have announced that they are working with tech-giants Nokia and Huawei to further test the 40Gbps Ooredoo Fibre services.

They have also announced great success during their 5G trials, and that their 4.5G Pre networks is ready and will go live early in 2017.

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