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Faux Freckles Temporary Freckles Tattoos

Faux Freckles Temporary Freckles Tattoos (for illustrative purposes)

A California start-up named Faux Freckles create a way to get you the sun-kissed look of freckles in minutes.

There’s something about freckles that just captivates and mesmerizes. They remind you of warm summer days and meadows. And while once women hid their freckles under makeup, more have embraced and wore them proudly, and now they are a sign of youth and warmth. Women have tried to get that supermodel freckles look, like Emma Watson’s and Binx Walton’s, using makeup tricks. Faux Freckles have fixed this problem.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Faux Freckles have designed sheets of temporary tattoo freckles that will not smother your face with leaking makeup and pencil. In just a few steps, you can get the cute beauty spots for up to 48 hours.

They come in a range of colors, from light to dark brown, and they have even freckles out of 24k gold.

On their website, Brittany and Sergio, the founders of Faux Freckles, explained that after “two cupcakes, a domain name and a brainstorm sesh later”, they came up with the creative beauty accessory.

The tattoo freckles are sold in sheets, that you can apply like any other temporary tattoo, with the help of a little warm water. Each pack contains two nose stencils and four cheekbone stencils, each lasting between 24 and 48 hours.

Now you too can have that mesmerizing sun-kissed skin, without the need of possibly dangerous amounts of sun exposure.

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