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A Look At The Oriental Designer Dina Jsr

Women in the orient, have quite a unique sense of style. With a culture so rich in color, and in gorgeous arabesque spirit an Arab women is deemed different, from the manner they carry themselves, to their keen eye for good aesthetics.  Arab women deserve proper recognition, especially when it comes to fashion. The manner at which an Arab woman dresses, especially women who wear hijab, is different by nature. Textures become sleeker, colors more silent, and fabric much richer.3e3f134fbd95ed1e2ce51bea45f75dfc

Today, we are taking the time to shed light on a designer that has graced fashion festivals, and has set the stage, redefining modern women’s fashion. Today we will tell you a bit more about the designer Dina El Jisr.


Dina El Jisr was born in Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; she studied fashion at Esmod in Beirut, and pursued her higher education at the Central Saint Martens in London. During her teens, Dina El Jisr resided in Paris, London, and Beirut, giving us a clearer scope of the spirit behind her beautiful designs.


Additionally, Dina is also an expert at gemology, and each and every collection she releases is inspired by a different stone. In Dina El Jisr’s collection one can notice beautiful organic shades, asymmetric designs, as well as sculpted volumes.

Dina’s main focus is to design for women from urban environments, making pieces that are built perfectly around a certain environment or spirit.

We believe Dina Jsr’s collections are truly creative, and they especially give an allure to the Arab woman, Dina has also previously released abaya collections dedicated to women in hijab, something we greatly appreciate and admire.


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