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Learn To Speak A New Language in 90 Days

Master and speak a new language in just 90 days. We will tell you how.

Language is the secret to human advancement and their natural supremacy to other living organisms. The role communication plays in our everyday life is crystal clear. Without the gift of communication, our species would not have evolved and thrived. It is our only way to connect, share, express, understand, and organize. In today’s sense, communication is being live,  connected to the world wide web. However, the very simplest forms of communication, and the core of human interaction, is language.

Many people have spent countless hours and dollars on learning new languages with no real outcome, believing it is hard to learn a new language. Learning a new language is not hard, everyone is just doing it wrong. Studies have proven that the best way to learn a new language is not by studying it. Reading and learning about a language is not effective, and doesn’t work in many, if not most, cases. As proven, you should learn a new language the way you learned your native language, by practice and repetition. A language is not a set of letters and grammatical rules, but rather the outreach and expression of feelings, emotions, needs and wants in the form of vocal or graphical communication.

In the era of mobile, picking up a new language is now between your hands. You can expand your lingual horizons at your own pace, on the go. Some apps you can download are: Duolingo, Memrise and Babbel. Each of these apps helps you take a step closer to becoming a polyglot, giving you an advantage in this hyperconnected world.

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