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This Week On Game of Thrones: Our Hodor Questions Get Answered

This post contains spoilers.

Last week on Game of Thrones we witnessed so many brilliant events; from Sansa and Jon Snow deciding to take back the north, to Arya retrieving her eye-sight, and Khaleesi emerging victorious after burning the Dothraki leaders down in their own house.

This week’s episode marked so many big events. The first of them all is the presence of another woman who worships the Lord of Light, she emerges with inequivalent beauty, with wisdom which feels like a thousand years old, and also wearing the same ruby necklace which Melisandre wears. The same necklace which renders Melisandre youthful, and the same necklace she took off during the first episode, to show the viewers her true age, and colors. The woman looks to have become a supporter of Khaleesi, however some individuals in the queens small council do not appear to trust this woman.

Also, this episode was truly remarkable on the part of Arya, who witnessed a moving mockery of a play regarding her family, depicting with sarcasm, and with disrespect the endurance of Arya’s family.

Sir Jorah tells Khaleesi that he has been touched by the stone men, and now has this disease. So Khaleesi orders him to find a cure, and stay at her side, rather give in to it, and leave her. He expresses his love for the queen, who in turn tells Sir Jorah that she needs him by her side, when she takes the Seven Kingdoms.

However, the most remarkable, and moving event which happened during last night’s episode, made us truly and utterly sad. Although we finally understood Hodor, we want him to stay with us. During this episode, and as we have been seeing since the first episode of this season, Bran Stark is always speaking to the old man in the tree, and to the green fairies.

Ban has a vision, where he understands that the green fairies, have created the White Walkers. In this vision Bran is touched by a white walker, and hence they are out to get him, and looking to butcher him. So in this episode, after Bran is touched by the white walkers, the old man fears they will come to get him, it is then when Bran has another vision that he sees the army of the dead.

The army of the dead attack Bran, and Hodor is left unconscious and stuttering, while Bran is the captive of his own visions. Hodor is unable to move, he himself has a vision this time too, while they were being attacked by white walkers. Hodor struggles to wake up, and when he does, carries Bran and tries to escape the horrors of the dead army. They escape the tunnel where they were staying with the old man in the tree, and Bran happens to get away, while Hodor is simultaneously having a vision, and holding the door keeping the White Walkers at the other side, so that Bran would run away.

Hodor in the vision, is seen in his youth, struggling as if he had an epileptic seizure, where he kept saying hold the door, hold the door, hold the door. While Hodor shivers, and quivers in agony, he keeps repeating the same sentence, hold the door, until at the end of this episode, and while Hodor is being ripped apart by white walkers, turns from Hold The Door, to Hodor.

So many questions arise, regarding the nature of Hodor’s vision, the reason why it is in the past, and could it be that Hodor has envisioned the future? Could it be that Hodor protected Bran only because he has seen his very own fate years ago, and was the chosen one to protect Bran?! Only the coming episodes will tell.

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