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Google’s New Patent Sticky Technology

We are always and constantly on the lookout to know what is new at Google. The tech giants are constantly doing their best to bring us brilliant products, super easy to use software. Being pioneers at everything big-data, we always expect to hear about Google, so today for those of our readers who have not been following up on their Google news, we decided to bring you an article, reaping what is going on in the industry.

Well first off, since everything we use is turning smart, we expect smart engines, smart cars, and smart objects to behave ethically. Based on certain norms, we both know an object is not subject to the same choices as a human, but a smart object should be. For instance smart cars are extremely prone to have accidents, come across a lot of choices, and make them wisely. So smart vehicles should constantly be equipped with the correct ethics. Google, is working on enhancing the safety of people in the presence of smart vehicles.

Google now has a patent for something called Sticky Technology. We all asked ourselves, what on earth could sticky technology actually be, and why has it been patented by one of the tech industry’s largest and most influential corporations.

Sticky technology is a technology which allows individuals to stick to a car, after an accident. For instance, when a smart car, accidentally hits a pedestrian, the first movement in motion which happens, is that the pedestrian flies, or bounces off and falls to the ground, injuring them, and possible causing a lot of damage.

With this sticky technology, when a smart car hits a vehicle, the pedestrian would actually stick to this vehicle, rather than bouncing off of it, preventing other secondary injuries.

Google plans to do so buy introducing an adhesive layer on the front of the car, since it is inevitable that smart cars will hit pedestrians. If an accident occurs, the glue which is covered by an eggshell-like layer is exposed, and hence sticks to the person. The patent also included the “releasable adhesive” which allows the person to be unstuck from the car’s hood following a certain period of time.

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